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Language tests

Intake and advice

Would you, as an individual or organization, want to know what your current language level is? We offer an extensive intake of all language skills and, based on the results, we give advice for a follow-up study.

Language tests

Have you always wanted to know at what level you speak, read, write in or listen to English or Dutch? We use tests by Bureau ICE and Oxford University to determine your own level. These tests are suitable for determining your current language level at the start of a course, your progress and your achieved level.

CEF-level tests for Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)

In Europa, employers, employees, HR departments, applicants, students, and of course language teachers werkgevers use the so-called CEF levels, the Common European Framework levels. Read more here about these levels. 

Meijerink level test for Dutch as a First Language (NT1)

In the Netherlands, in addition to CEF, we also use the Meijerink codes. These represent four language levels of native language users, also known as NT1 users. NT1 stands for: Dutch as a first language. These levels are: 1 F, 2F, 3F and 4F. 


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