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Individually and in pairs

Getting ahead with a tutor

Would you like to learn or improve your Dutch to better understand your Dutch partner, child(ren), neighbors, friends or colleagues? Would you like to start a conversation with them with more confidence? Or do you want to prepare intensively and individually for the civic integration or state exam? Then follow lessons with us, individually or in pairs. Either online, offline and always tailor-made.

Sandra geeft vaak staand les

I want to learn Dutch, because …

… I want to understand my child(ren) and their educators.

Your child grows up in the Netherlands and in no time he or she speaks the language. It makes you envy them! At daycare and school, Dutch comes in as well, so time to think about an intensive, weekly online lesson. We can offer this during the day but also in the evening.

… I would like to chat with and understand the Dutch!

There are many Dutch who do speak Dutch, although many of them like to switch to English as soon as they hear that you are from abroad. And that is exactly why you may want to learn Dutch with a tutor, simply because you want understand your Dutch partner, neighbor, friends, colleagues, and feel part of the group, the Dutch society. We will help you with that by explaining the unwritten rules in our culture, its many expressions and idiom, our behavior, and our natural speech. Dutch culture is always intertwined in our language lessons.

… I need to pass the Civic State or State exam.

We help you prepare for the civic integration exam. We are happy to help anyone who has to pass this exam because you come from outside the European Union, or because you want to achieve this level and diploma for yourself.

By the way, if you arrived in the Netherlands after 1 January 2022, you are subject to an integration obligation and the required level is B1. If you came to live in the Netherlands before this date, the level is A2.

… the people in my new job only speak Dutch.

You have been wanting to apply for a new job for a while, but this new position requires a higher language level. We think along with you about how we can get you to that level as best and quickly as possible.

… I thrive best with a private tutor.

Looking for a small and safe learning environment? Consider our language lessons via Skype. Do you not feel at ease in a group? Consider personal Skype lessons. Our vision is that you learn best by using a language as much as possible. In a group you may have less opportunities to speak. Many of Taaltutor’s customers experience the one-to-one learning situation as less intimidating. We charge a flat hourly rate for our one-to-one lessons.

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