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Our Dutch courses

These are our online and offline Dutch courses:

  • A0 to A1 (Basis): for anyone who likes to have a head start in Dutch, also suitable as preparation for the embassy exam (MVV)
  • A1 to A2 (Beginner): suitable for anyone who needs Dutch to integrate in Dutch society, also for preparing to Civic State exam
  • A2 to B1 (Intermediate): also suitable for anyone who wants to prepare for Civic State exam and State Exam I
  • B1 to B2 (Upper intermediate): also suitable for anyone who wants to prepare for State Exam II
  • Dutch B2 to C1: also suitable for anyone who wants to perfect her or his Dutch to near-native level in speaking and writing

We offer tailor-made language training, individually or in small groups, to newcomers, expats (whether or not abroad), partners of Dutch people, students and professionals in various professional groups for which speaking Dutch plays an important role.

Teaching methods

Taaltutor works with current themes to practice the normal, everyday language and spoken language with the student as much as possible. We place more emphasis on pronunciation, fluency and expressions than on grammar rules. Grammar is of course covered, but is not the main goal. Taaltutor works with different teaching methods, such as “Dutch for English-speaking Expats”, The Delft method, “Nederlands in gang” and the methods of Kleurrijker’s “Taalcompleet”.


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