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Taaltutor’s language activities

Meeting, learning and netwerking

Since the beginning of 2020 Sandra has been organizing local language activities. With these activities she wants to offer places where newcomers such as expats, refugees with a status, and permanent citizens can meet, greet, and get to enlarge their network. She also offers workshops for A2 level learners and language tutors. Read more about all these offline and online activities below. 

Language cafés

When in 2018 one of Sandra’s students asked her where she could continue to practice the Dutch language independently after her language course, Sandra came up with the idea to start a Language Café (Talencafé).

Together with English teacher Maria van Vlerken, Sandra started the Talencafé Culemborg just before the corona pandemic in January 2020. It soon became a popular meeting place for expats, migrant workers and Culemborg citizens. From 2021, the cafés take place in the foyer of the Fransche School theater. With this voluntary initiative, Sandra and Maria’s goal is to bring as many people together who love speaking languages, such as Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Portugese, Arabic, Turkish, Indian, Russian, etcetera, and be make newcomers feel at home in their new hometown.

Click the button below to find more information about dates, times and locations of the Talencafés. Or send Sandra and Maria an e-mail message. If you wish to receive the latest information, sign up to our Signal group app here.  

Free online language cafe “Vertel es” (A2/B1)

Every Monday morning, Sandra invites learners to her online language cafe called Vertel es

The meeting goes via Zoom and takes place from 11 AM to 12:30. Sandra leads the topical conversation and everyone can bring in a new theme for the next week. It is a free cafe to meet others, practise listening and speaking and share stories about daily life in the Netherlands. You ought to have at least A2 level to be able to join. 

If you are interested in joining, visit the official site of Vertel es, or send Sandra a motivational email.

Max. number of participants: 10
Cost: none

Workshops for language teachers and tutors

Since 2019, Sandra, together with e-learning expert Mary van den IJssel, has been supporting language teachers with their online lessons through training courses. In 2021, we published a practical guide “Grenzeloos lesgeven” through Coutinho Publishers with answers to various questions about distance language teaching. Do you need customization in online language lessons, submit your question to us and we will think along with you about the content and form. We are a source of information (helpdesk), provide advice and training.

Content of the workshops

Assistance with:
  • getting your first online language lesson ready to go;
  • optimal setting of hardware and software functions and the practical use of tools for an online language lesson.
A demonstration of:
  • useful software features and tools for online language lessons;
  • pitfalls and points for improvement for online language lessons.

Advisory report after observing one of your online language lessons (max. 45 minutes) with observations, suggestions for improvement and tips;
training courses, online/offline/blended, such as a workshop on online didactics for small groups and one-to-one language lessons.


Send us your question as detailed as possible and we will contact you. We will then discuss whether we can do something for you, how we can fill this in and we will send you a proposal in a quotation.


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