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Instruction videos

Now and then, we make instruction videos for Dutch learners. Find two of the five videos that we have published on Taaltutor’s channel below. 

Instruction videos

Below you can see two videos on the publisher’s site that belong to the book “Grenzeloos lesgeven”. Language tutor Sandra Wormgoor wrote this book in 2021, together with her colleague and e-learning specialist Mary van den IJssel. The guide is meant for language teachers who want to teach online and 1-on-1. The accompanying videos give a nice insight in how an online lesson at Taaltutor goes. Coutinho’s site has more videos you can watch.

Jargon web app

In 2006, Taaltutor’s founder Sandra Wormgoor worked for Dutch Health Tech Academy, a vocational school in Utrecht. Sandra received subsidy for the development of an interactive vocabulary app. The subsidy was provided by a Dutch governmental organization called Kennisnet and they made a video of the eventual result, the Jargon-app. Students used Jargon app for about 15 years. In 2021 the school decided to no longer invest in the web app, also because other tools such as Quizlet had come up and offered similar functionalities.

Watch the video by clicking the photo below.


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