Intake & advice

Would you like to know what your language level is? We can determine this for you in two ways via:

  • a short, non-binding intake (free)
  • an extensive intake, including certificates of language tests

During a non-binding intake we have telephone or online contact and we discuss your wishes, learning style and learning goal(s). During this meeting we make an estimate of what we as a language school can do for you and then give you advice.

Extensive intake and advice

Would you like to have your language skills tested more extensively and more officially? Then opt for our intake interview and four language tests. This means that you take the following four language tests (which can be done offline and online): Speaking, Listening, Writing and Writing, including a report and certificate. Based on the results, we provide additional advice on which course is best for you. This can be a course with us, but also at another language school. The costs for this extensive intake and the advice are €95 (free of VAT).


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