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“Leuk kennis te maken, wij zijn … ”


Culemborg, the Netherlands

Sandra Wormgoor is the founder of Taaltutor in 2010. Before Taaltutor, she mainly worked as an English language teacher in middle and higher vocational education. Sandra combines entrepreneurship with tutoring, organizing language cafés, and sharing her knowledge with other language teachers through her blog, training sessions, and published manual for online tutors.



Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Hanna Tuijtel lives and works in Rotterdam and has been an independent language teacher for Taaltutor since 2019. She has her own language school called Tuijtel & Taal.



Almere, the Netherlands

Daphne Stel-Garconius lives and works in Almere and is specialized in one-on-one tutoring via Skype. She combines her work for Taaltutor as an examiner with a teaching job at a higher vocational school in Amsterdam. 



Houten, the Netherlands

Fieke Kloosterman lives and works in the middle of the Netherlands and has gained many years of professional experience in medical positions. She is an allround teacher and loves students who need to learn Dutch for jobs in medical and healthcare fields. 



Arnhem, the Netherlands

Nienke van Geenen lives in the middle of the Netherlands and has been working as an NT2 language teacher for Taaltutor since 2018. She is also a Spanish teacher and a certified social worker. Nienke has experience in teaching gifted children, as well as literacy and preparation for integration and state exams. In addition to her freelance teaching, she is also a teacher of Helping Care and Welfare (level 2) at senior secondary vocational education. Many students have a foreign language background in this study, which is an extra challenge and motivation for Nienke to familiarize them with the language of care. What drives her? The interaction with students, adding depth and making the teaching material as attractive as possible. All this means that she stands before a class with a smile.


Trier, Germany

Astrid Kogelman lives in and works from Trier in Germany and has many years of one-on-one teaching experience in NT2, English and German on location and remotely (via Skype). Astrid graduated in American Studies (University of Kansas and Utrecht University) and in Women’s Studies in General Arts (UU). After graduating, she worked for a publishing house in Oxford for several years. She also teaches yoga and relaxation and has been working as an independent language teacher for Taaltutor since 2015.


Ede, the Netherlands

Bertine Niesten lives and works in the middle of the Netherlands. Bertine studied at the Agricultural University in Wageningen (WUR) and has lived and worked in many different countries. She has years of experience in tutoring Dutch to expats and university/college-educated migrants. She herself also learned an Asian language while working abroad. She has been an independent tutor for Taaltutor since 2020. 


Klinknau, Switzerland

Luc Boeke was born in the Netherlands, but he has lived and worked abroad for quite a long time. He now lives and works in Switzerland, where he has been running his own language school since 2019. He offers courses in a variety of languages. In between his busy job, he has tutored a few clients for Taaltutor since 2019.


Doesburg, the Netherlands

Hans Klinkspoor was born in France and grew up with the languages Dutch and French. He has been running his language school Instituut Klinkspoor for many years, together with his sister. He has been working for Taaltutor since 2019 and, if possible, with students who have French as their mother tongue.


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