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Language Walks

Online lesgeven

Join us!

Since the corona pandemic, many people have gone for a walk. Healthy for mind and body. Our language cafe visitors also went for a walk, one-on-one went best. It was such a nice way to meet in your mother tongue and the other language that we keep this active form of language and meeting in it.

Start at the theater

You can arrange our language walks among yourselves via our group app or from Theater de Fransche School. These are programmed per season. At the theater we collect and make language matches. Afterwards everyone is free to take a beautiful walk while talking. We often end up together at a café in the center or at the foyer of the theater (if it is open).

Language walks in 2022

  • Sunday 1o July 2022 (10 – 12 AM) Gather in front of the Theater De Fransche School
  • August (date to be determined)
  • Autumn walk in October

Organize your own walk

Would you rather find a language walking buddy yourself? Then sign up with our Signal app group, which is the same app group as the Language Café, to receive more information about the walks or find a buddy.


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