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Speaking Dutch together

As an employer of expats and migrant workers, would you like to make everyone feel at home, in the workplace and in life after work? Or do you, as a foreign employee, want to understand your Dutch colleagues better and not always have to communicate in English? We offer tailored lessons for anyone in IT, management, healthcare, medical professions, sales, shift work, industry, and education.

“Beste collega, spreek Nederlands met me!”

Online one-on-one lessons

Taaltutor specializes in one-on-one lessons. We have seen over the years how effective and flexible this way of learning a language is. Online it is sometimes even more effective than offline, because online can offer added value due to the many digital tools that we use. We use a digital video platform (Skype, Google Meet and Zoom), planning system, collaboration software, message boards, app tools such as Whatsapp and Signal and many (free) language apps that help you to better master your Dutch language. As tutors, we are the central hub of the learning process, the coach and the digital expert for our students. We help every student navigate through Dutch.

Our language tutors are professional language teachers with Dutch as their mother tongue. In addition to Dutch, most of our tutors speak one or more foreign languages that they use as the instruction language.

Group training

If you like interaction with other colleagues, consider our small group lessons. This way you get the best of both worlds: personalized language training and interactive language exercises in a group setting. We offer these lessons if we can connect two persons with the same level.

We will discuss with you how we can train you in the Dutch language, what learning needs and goals you have, how fast you want to reach these goals and in what form you want to pour the training. Perhaps speaking Dutch over lunchtime or being able to follow a conversation in a meeting is all you aim for. No doubt that speaking the same language has a binding effect. 

Workshops and tailored training

Does your organization need a specific workshop or training? We like to think along. Thematic workshops have been provided for both NT1 and NT2 in branches such as IT, care and welfare and education. We also offer intensive Dutch courses to international doctors, healthcare providers and teachers who must be able to start immediately and who must first master the language. We can be organize this in the form of private or group lessons where conversation is leading.


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