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A0 ->A1

Private lessons

Starting level

You have no command of Dutch but want to understand and learn its basics.

Learning goals of this course

Your learning objectives are:

  • To introduce yourself to friends, neighbors, family
  • communicate in simple and language in shops and in informal conversations
  • being able to talk in simple words about your background, wishes and needs
  • understand simple Dutch texts and other forms of information

For whom is this course?

For immigrants, expats (also people living abroad), partners of Dutch citizens, and professionals for whom the command of Dutch plays an important role. Also for students and persons who thrive in a small learning environment.

Content of the course

The lessons are all based on listening, pronunciation, speaking and actively applying the learned theory in class We focus on Dutch customs, culture, standard expressions, and daily life situations. The thematic lessons of our favorite learning materials, “Delftse methode” and “Taalcompleet”, are very suitable for 1-on-1 conversation training in which you apply the learned grammar immediately. Your vocabulary grows every lesson with about 50 words.

End level

Lower-intermediate level (A1)

The length of the course

Depending on your learning objectives and your availability, you can choose from:

  • 20 sessions of 1 hour
  • 30 sessions of 3 quarters of an hour
  • 40 sessions of 30 minutes

Group size

  • 1 to 2 students

Place of tutoring

  • on location in Culemborg, individually or in a group of max. 4 students
  • online (via Skype or Zoom), individually or 1-on-2
  • blended learning; online and offline is possible

Study load

Depending on the frequency of your lessons and your availability, you will need a minimum of 4 hours for homework and self-study, additionally to the lesson hour.

Other requirements

  • You have a fair command of the English language; we sometimes use this language to explain grammar rules and the background of Dutch.
  • You have time on your hands to do homework; writing and reading exercises are not discussed extensively in class. Speaking and listening, on the other hand, will actively be practiced, beside grammar and cultural matters.

Teaching material

  • “Dutch for foreigners”, Delftse methode, the first 25 lessons (the first part of the book). More information at:
  • “Dutch for English-speaking Expats“, Maik Klaassen, Van Dorp Education. More information:

Testing options

  • Tests from Bureau ICE for:
    • Intake test
    • Diagnostic test
  • Interim testing (halfway through the learning path) is highly recommended.

Final assessment

Taaltutor offers a final test for Writing, Conversation, Speaking, Listening and Reading.


Ask for an offer by sending us an email to

Level: A0 > A1
Number of students: 1 or 2
Online or on site in Culemborg
Flexible time slots
Instant start (if a tutor is available)
Delftse Methode, Nederlands in gang of Taalcompleet

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