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Tailored Dutch

Your Dutch lessons will always be tailored to your needs. After the intake, we base our choices for learning methods, tools, and tutor on your learning style, preferences, and availability. The effectivity of your lesson depends on how much you can do beside the actual lesson with your tutor. This approach is also called Flipping the Classroom. All our lessons focus as much as possible on active reception and production of Dutch.  

Tutoring private students

When you come to us as a private individual, we always start with an extensive intake. Only then we can properly estimate what you need. We listen carefully to your learning needs, your way of learning and the amount of time that is available to practice independently in the Dutch language, in addition to the language lessons. This way, we create an individual learning plan with learning objectives and associated learning resources and tools. Based on this intake information, we will then look for a suitable language tutor.

In company

As an organization you may want to let foreign employees learn Dutch through personal learning. If this is the case, we can provide a flexible and tailored lesson program or workshop. One-on-one or in small groups.


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