Taaltutor is now an official language institute

On 8 June, it was time for cake and celebration! On that date, Taaltutor was officially accredited as an institute by the Dutch CRKBO. This organisation’s name stands for Central Register Short Professional Education. Taaltutor is now registered in the Register of Institutes, which means that we are an educational institution that complies with the Quality Code for Education Institutes for Short Professional Education.

What does this quality mark actually mean in practice? A number of our NT2 courses is more extensively explained on our website, we have fully automated our administration and planning system, which was already the case for 1.5 years and we have fully improved and tightened the testing procedures. In addition to these content-related, logistical and procedural advantages, this accreditation also provides financial benefits for our customers; normally they pay a VAT excluded rate for professional language courses, but now, that is no longer necessary. Language courses with a general objective have always been exempt from VAT by law, but from now on we can also offer VAT-exempt rates to customers who attend our courses.

Especially for our clients in the non-profit sector, such as education and healthcare, our new status is attractive. These clients do not calculate VAT, which makes our language courses beneficial. In addition, our private students who want to learn English or NT2 who want to live and work in our country can also count on cheaper VAT-exempt rates.

In short, it was “party time” for me and Taaltutor on June 8, 2018!

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